Event safety

Event safety files in line with SASREA (Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act)

What is a JOC file?

A JOC file

is a legal requirement for all public events.  It is an event plan,  which is submitted by the Event Organizers to the National Commissioner of SAPS, for Risk Grading purposes.

JOC files are in place to make sure that all events held are safe, and that the event organizers comply with all the By-Laws and Regulations of the City.

What Emergency Care will do

Emergency Care will prepare, submit and perform all the required documentation and steps with the authorities in respect of local council by-laws, the Occupational Health & Safety Act and its Regulations, National Building Codes, SASREA and all other disaster management requirements.

The JOC approval of your event ensures local council compliance in terms of fire regulations, waste management, crowd
control and emergency services.

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