We offer first aid training at various levels which can be a valuable investment for any company or individual looking to improve their emergency response skills. First aid training typically progresses from Level 1 to Level 3, with each level building upon the skills and knowledge learned in the previous level. Level 1 training usually covers basic first aid techniques, such as CPR, wound care, and managing shock. Level 2 training builds upon these skills and may include training on more advanced topics such as treating fractures, spinal injuries, and head injuries. Level 3 training is the most comprehensive and is typically geared towards individuals who may be responsible for providing first aid in high-risk environments or remote locations. This level of training may include wilderness first aid, advanced resuscitation techniques, and the use of specialized equipment. Ultimately, offering first aid training at various levels can help individuals and companies prepare for a wide range of emergency situations and improve their ability to respond effectively in the event of an injury or medical emergency.


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